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Happy Birthday to Me - New Publishing Contract!

What better way to celebrate my birthday than by sharing GREAT NEWS with everyone?

Some of you have noticed that OF WAR AND TATERS hasn't been available the past few months. That's because my contract with its previous publisher ended and we did not renew. Worldcastle was a great publishing house, but WAT was the only satire in their romance-heavy portfolio, so we knew it was time to find a more compatible home for this quirky comedy. I took a few months to consider my options, and even debated re-releasing it as a self-pub for a while.

War & Taters Cover

Then I met the lovely Paige Christie at JordanCon18! She is the author of the Legacies of Arnan series and an all-around brilliant lady. We discovered we were absolutely like-minded and she introduced me to her publisher, Jason Graves of Prospective Press, at Con Carolinas with the recommendation that WAT would find a perfect home with them.

As always - Paige was right! Hanging out with the folks behind Prospective Press was like coming home to family and I know WAT is in great hands with Jason's editorial ninja-fu. Be looking for a release date coming soon, but in the meantime you can pre-order OF WAR AND TATERS here.

She even got a shiny new cover! What do you think?

From the jacket:

Sheriff Stanley Grace regretted his wish for a little excitement in his boring life when his town suddenly became the media novelty of the week due to a sensationalized article recess war between two local ‘gangs’ of fourth-graders.

Stanley and the bewildered town of Merit are immediately shoved into the spotlight as the media, celebrities, and a visiting circus descend upon them wagging the national finger in shame over the supposed gang violence. Shocked to learn that their children are burgeoning criminals, citizens, parents, and even friends turn against one another as everyone looks for someone to blame.

But the situation turns truly dire when Stanley discovers a bloody police uniform in the nearby woods and learns that someone sinister using the current chaos as a distraction from their own crimes. Armed with a cup of luke-warm coffee and a particularly smelly dog, Sheriff Stanley sets off to save his town from killers and circus clowns alike.

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