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  • Ashley Chappell

WIP Updates and New Harrowers Series

What's that, you say? Why aren't I working on Book 4 of the Dreams of Chaos series?


And by that I mean, of course, I've been distracted by a new series that demanded I write it or have my eyes put out by hot pokers.

The Harrowers series is a departure from my usual YA fantasy in that it's a probably R-rated Adult Urban Fantasy, but it keeps to my unavoidable stream of snark. You've noticed by now that I can't take anything seriously, right?

As of the writing of this post, the new book is at 56,476 words out of a guestimated 80,000 and I am targeting completion for the end of May. Which, you know, means probably June. Or July. Or 2032. Or sandwich. Time has no meaning here anyway.

Hawk of Hell: Harrowers Book 1 is as fun as anything I've ever written before, and it's also been the most research-intensive world I've ever built. (Here, "research-intensive" is how writers refer to rabbit-hole Google sessions with coffee). Since I can't say terribly much about it without spoilers, here is the blurb to wet your whistle:

When a former con artist turned damned soul accidentally releases one of Hell's most dangerous captives, she gets saddled with the job of catching the escapee before it can reignite a war between Heaven and Hell. But as the Powers That Be keep throwing obstacles in her way, she discovers that not everyone wants her to succeed.

Now Bastienne is a bounty hunter and vigilante for Lucifer himself. And if she fails, she'll also be his patsy.

I hope you'll stick with me while I bring this new world to life!

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