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Cover Reveal and Release Dates!

Good things come to those who wait, right? And I'm hoping that by starting this way you'll be a little more prepared to forgive me for making you wait 4 years to pick up where I left off with that dramatic cliffhanger in TILT: Dreams of Chaos Book 2.

In my defense, though, I have gotten married, hosted a book festival, sold a house, and purchased 100 acres of land to homestead since I left you hanging. In all honesty, you probably owe this upcoming release to a surprise hysterectomy and several weeks of enforced downtime and bed rest.

But while I'd expected through the years of development for A GOD OF GODS: Dreams of Chaos Book 3 to be the conclusion of the series, I realized about 140,000 words in that the problem I was having with development and flow was that I was trying to write 2 books in 1. So now rather than the Dreams of Chaos Trilogy, I'll be delivering the Dreams of Chaos Tetralogy and just hoping people don't think that it's some sort of popular pet fish.

Book 4 has a working title of A MOTHER OF GODS and I'm targeting Spring 2019 at the latest for a release date.

On to the good news - A GOD OF GODS releases officially for Kindle and in paperback on Tuesday, October 24! You can even pre-order the Kindle version here and have it ready to read as soon as you wake up on Tuesday. Doesn't that sound nice? Go ahead - take the day off work and tell them I said it was okay.

And now I get to do the fun part - I finally get to show you this gorgeous cover design from Leos Ng Okita and Carrie Butler! Okita creates the original artwork and Carrie applies her mastery to converting it to a glorious wrap-around book cover with the perfect lettering. (If you haven't noticed, I really, really, really love my artists.)

Please let me know what you think in the comments!

A God of Gods Cover Art

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