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Meet Miro, Goddess of the Seas

This is going to be one of those posts where I giggle a bunch while typing. Don't worry - I won't include it or emojify it for you; it's just something I do when I'm excited. And, I'm uber-excited right now, so you can bet I'm driving my parrot nuts with my giggling.

I've had a vision for years - YEARS, I tell you - of bringing the pantheon of Realm to living, breathing life. I've thought about artwork for ages, and even talked to armorers (like the super-brilliant hands behind Lone Wolf Armory) about creating a copy of the bear goddess Ursula's armor for me to wear to conventions. But after teaming up with Leos Ng Okita to do the amazing new cover art for my Dreams of Chaos series, I knew I finally had the artist who could do it justice. And make me giggle like crazy. (Really, you're missing out. It's a great giggle worthy of any super villain.)

So after years of waiting and dreaming, I have the first two Gods of Realm! I decided to start with my two favorites - Miro and Ursula. Once I have the full pantheon, I'm going to put them together as a deck of Magic-style cards with powers, weaknesses, etc, because I really need another project to add to the pile. Right?

First up - let me introduce you to Miro, Goddess of the Seas! I chose to have her drawn in her battle form with her staff at hand because... well, she's totally badass. Do I have to explain it? Let me know what you guys think!

Miro, Goddess of the Seas

Next up we'll have Ursula, Goddess of Bears! But.... I'm going to make you wait for her (remember that super villain giggle I mentioned?). Keep an eye out on Facebook - I'll share her there first!

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