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Great News & Book 3 Update

Writing novels is the hardest thing I ever loved. And even as much as I love it, making the decision to publish is one no writer takes lightly. Sharing my creations, opening myself up to criticism from anywhere in the world... well, I'm a sensitive soul. This is not something I do easily.

Sometimes, though, that sensitivity can also be a good thing. Like when I checked my stats on the very first day of the free promotion of Alice Will to celebrate the launch of Tilt and spent the full week on a happy high. Over 7,000 people downloaded Alice last Monday alone, and by the end of it there were 9,400 new readers with digital copies from all over the world.

Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back - you guys totally made this happen! All of you shared the free promotion all over social media and it went viral in a way I've never had a post go before. I've gotten emails filled with great feedback and praise, new 4- and 5-star reviews, and new followers in just the last week thanks to this incredible turnout.

And I'm not afraid to admit that I totally got teared up at the overwhelmingly positive response. How could I not? My greatest fear was always that I would share the world and the characters that I've come to love, and no one would care. There were so many times when publishing and marketing felt like more struggle than it was worth, and giving up sounded so much easier and less painful.

But to have one perfect week like this one... you guys not only energized me, but you inspired me. My work had been stalling on God of Gods to wrap up the trilogy, but thanks to this rush of excitement I'm back to full-speed on it, finally with the solutions I've needed to fix my lingering plot dilemmas.

And all of it is 100% thanks to YOU. If you're here reading this, if you've taken the time to seek out my website and read my updates, then YOU are the reason the Dreams of Chaos series continues to be a success.

Keep your eyes out for more updates on A God of Gods - expect a release in April!

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