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Dreams of Chaos Publishing Update

Some of you may have noticed that my Dreams of Chaos series isn't currently available for e-readers, but don't worry! It's going to be back soon with incredible new artwork and revisions. In August I separated from the publisher of that series and am venturing now into the world of hybrid authors. Of War and Taters continues to be published by World Castle Publishing.

I don't think it's any secret that in the past decade the world of publishing has been turned upside down. New technology, publishing platforms, marketing opportunities, all of these combined pose both a tremendous advance in the industry, and a tremendous challenge.

While they've made gaining access to the market a far less exclusive club, it's also virtually impossible for a new author to know which branch of the publishing tree to follow. Indie? Agent? Big 5? Small - Midsize Press? Hybrid? And once there, the question of marketing avenues becomes another costly maze to navigate.

It was for those reasons that I'd initially decided to go with a small press for my Dreams of Chaos Series. When I submitted Alice Will in 2011, it was the first book I'd ever really tried to get published and I knew so little about the industry. I was afraid that there would be a stigma attached to self-publishing (how little did I know!), and I was totally daunted by the idea of seeking editors, cover art, formatting, marketing plans, etc.

Did I do the right thing? For the time, possibly. The experience and connections I've made in the last 5 years have taught me that my success would have been severely limited had I tried to launch on my own when I *thought* I was ready. I don't know that I would have done any better or worse than the publisher who released it for me. But I would have at least had full control to adjust pricing, make edits, change artwork, etc, when I could see that it was needed. And now I'm so excited that I've been able to take my creations back and perfect them the way I wish they'd been 5 years ago.

The dates are not 100% locked in, but I'm planning a cover reveal and a new website launch NLT 9/26 and a book re-release for Alice Will NLT 10/12. Keep watching for updates!

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