WIP Updates and New Harrowers Series

What's that, you say? Why aren't I working on Book 4 of the Dreams of Chaos series? To that, I say "SHINY SQUIRREL SNACKS!" And by that I mean, of course, I've been distracted by a new series that demanded I write it or have my eyes put out by hot pokers. The Harrowers series is a departure from my usual YA fantasy in that it's a probably R-rated Adult Urban Fantasy, but it keeps to my unavoidable stream of snark. You've noticed by now that I can't take anything seriously, right? As of the writing of this post, the new book is at 56,476 words out of a guestimated 80,000 and I am targeting completion for the end of May. Which, you know, means probably June. Or July. Or 2032. Or sandwich. Time