March 27, 2019

What's that, you say? Why aren't I working on Book 4 of the Dreams of Chaos series?


And by that I mean, of course, I've been distracted by a new series that demanded I write it or have my eyes put out by hot pokers. 

The Harrowers s...

February 1, 2019

February may have only just started today, but you've probably been seeing stealthy displays of plush hearts, overpriced chocolates, and pushy jewelry ads creeping into your stores since before Christmas. And it's no surprise they were eager to start pushing it; love i...

September 13, 2018

What better way to celebrate my birthday than by sharing GREAT NEWS with everyone? 

Some of you have noticed that OF WAR AND TATERS hasn't been available the past few months. That's because my contract with its previous publisher ended and we did not renew. Worldcastle...

April 3, 2018

What's the best part about prepping for author panels at cons? Having a legitimate excuse to re-read your favorite books for the gillionth time, of course! 

I'm an author guest at JordonCon 10 (Seancon 2, The Return) April 20-22 in Atlanta and this is the first year I'l...

October 17, 2017

Find me at the Charleston, WV Civic Center for the West Virginia Book Festival in October! Previous featured guests have included Patrick Rothfuss and Neil Gaiman, and this year features RL Stine just in time for Halloween.

I'll be debuting A GOD OF GODS: Dreams of...

October 11, 2017

Release Dates and the cover reveal for A GOD OF GODS: Dreams of Chaos Book 3!

December 30, 2016

This is going to be one of those posts where I giggle a bunch while typing. Don't worry - I won't include it or emojify it for you; it's just something I do when I'm excited. And, I'm uber-excited right now, so you can bet I'm driving my parrot nuts with my giggling.


November 29, 2016

Writing novels is the hardest thing I ever loved. And even as much as I love it, making the decision to publish is one no writer takes lightly. Sharing my creations, opening myself up to criticism from anywhere in the world... well, I'm a sensitive soul. This is not so...

October 17, 2016

Today I get to do something awesome. Remember my cover reveal a few weeks back when I got to showcase the awesome wraparound the incredibly talented Carrie Butler made for me from a painting? Well, today I get to help her showcase her own book cover for her upcoming bo...

September 21, 2016

I want to thank everyone in advance for helping me share this exciting re-release of my YA Fantasy series! This represents my first foray into indie publishing, and I've found the most incredible network of support and love within the community. I'm so glad to be a par...

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Happy Birthday to Me - New Publishing Contract!

September 13, 2018

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